Colour Me Calm

Adult colouring sounds like an oxymoron because most of us associate colouring with the lazy days of our childhoods, but the intricately detailed and beautifully artistic colouring books of today are anything but childish; and there is more to this rapidly growing trend than meets the eye. Here are five reason why adult colouring is a bandwagon worth jumping on…

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1. Relieves Stress and Anxiety

Colouring is a form of active meditation that can be used to relieve both stress and anxiety. The repetitive, therapeutic nature of colouring clears the mind and allows for a natural shift from a stressed or anxious state to a relaxed one. So next time you feel that blood pressure rising, pull out your colouring book and indulge in a few minutes of colourful calm.

 2. Social or Solitary

Colouring is the perfect activity for you and your friends to do while you chat or sit in companionable silence. Alternatively, if some quality you-time is what you crave, rejuvenate yourself by colouring in quiet solitude.

3. Indoor or Outdoor

There is no seasonality to colouring. It is an activity that can be done anytime and anywhere, rain or shine. If it’s a beautiful sunny day, grab your gear, head to the park, and let the colours of nature inspire you! Or cozy up inside on a rainy day with a cup of tea and your favourite tunes for an afternoon of colouring and relaxation.

 4. Colourful and Creative

Let those creative juices flow! Green Sky? Why not! Purple Elephant? Sounds good! There are no rules in colouring. Create a world all your own and colour it your way!

 5. Improves Focus and Fine Motor Skills

The simplistic and soothingly repetitive nature of colouring relaxes the mind allowing it to rest and recuperate. This recovery time will improve your focus, concentration, and overall mental state making it easier to face the stresses of day-to-day life. But colouring is not only beneficial to the mind. It can also improve your fine motor skills, especially with a highly detailed colouring book. Want a real challenge? Try colouring with your non-dominant hand!


Above all else, colouring is FUN FUN FUN! So keep calm and colour on!

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