Long Weekend Vacation (or Stay-cation) Essentials

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This week Toronto was granted the best wish of all: One last week of perfect summer weather just in time for the long weekend! We get three full days of fun, sun, and relaxation; so whether you are getting out of the city or creating your own little oasis at home, Presto has all of your Labour Day weekend essentials!

The Queen of Carry-On

Knowing what to pack in your carry-on luggage can be tricky, so here are a few must-haves that will have you flying in style and arriving at your destination impossibly fresh looking.


A. Happy Jackson “Travel Stuff” Document Wallet, $23.95: This travel organizer is both practical and adorable! It is divided into sections with labelled tabs for your passport, money, and tickets. Breeze through the airport with easy access to all of your travel documents.

B. Ban.do Back-Up Charger, $39.95: Don’t panic if you forget to charge your phone in the last-minute scramble to the airport! Plug in your back-up charger, pop on airplane mode, and carry on.

C. Happy Jackson Hand Sanitizer, $6.50: Keep those sneaky, little germs at bay with a travel size (aka under 100mL) hand sanitizer. You don’t want the sniffles crashing your vacation!

D. Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Lotion, $8.95: A travel-size lotion is a carry-on necessity, since airplane air is notorious for drying out the skin.

E. Kala Lip Balm, $8.95: Dry, chapped lips are another side effect of that dry airplane air! Avoid it with a vitamin E based lip moisturizer.

F. Ban.do Peekaboo Clutch, $29.95: All of your toiletries must be in a clear pouch, so throw all your essentials in this lilac clutch which (bonus!) can easily be wiped clean as well.

The Roadrunner

If a road trip is more your speed, throw the big bag into the boot and keep a small bag of necessities on hand up front.

A. Flight001 Luggage Tag, $15.50: Labelling your bag is always a good idea, especially if you are making several stops along your journey and are pulling your bag in and out at each stop.

B. Flight001 “Let’s get Lost” Pouch, $25.95: The perfect little pouch to keep on-hand. Its bright colour is easy to spot in case it slips between the seats or under a pile of travel snacks (a road trip staple).

C. Slim Sonic Battery Powered Toothbrush, $24.95: Perfect for freshening up at a rest station.

D. Poketo Travel Journal, $24.95: Keep track of where you’ve been, where you’re going, and every special moment in between!

The Boys’ Trip

For whatever the boys have planned this weekend, here are a few things to keep you fresh without sacrificing your manliness.

A. Flight001 “Man Stuff” Pouch, $25.95: A toiletries bag strictly for all things manly!

B. Owen & Fred Comb, $3.50: Bed head is never a good idea! Tame that mane with this small but manly comb.

C. Crabtree & Evelyn Black Sea Mud & Seaweed Soap, $10.50: No lavender or vanilla here! Freshen up without sacrificing your manliness.

D. “Super Strong Manly” Mints, $2.95: Little mints that pack a big, refreshing punch!

E. Lexon Alarm Clock, $49.95: As tempting as it is to sleep in, get up and get exploring. Rise & Shine!

The Stay-cation

Who says you have to leave the city to relax? Enjoy the beautiful weather in the comfort of your own backyard!

A. Leon Breakfast & Brunch Book, $10.99: Sleep in then whip up an epic meal!

B. Fantastic Cities Colouring Book, $19.95: Dream about all the cities you will visit, and colour them your way!

C. Tutti Frutti Coloured Pencil Set, $19.95.

D. Game Room Brain Teasers: Up for a challenge? Get your friends and family together for an evening of good ol’ trivia fun!

E. 52 Rainy Day Activities, $8.95: We don’t want to jinx anything, but just in case it rains be ready for some fun indoor activities!

However you spend this long weekend, take lots of photos and create loads of memories that will keep you smiling well into autumn!

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