What’s Your Type?

One art form that we are loving here at Presto is Typography which, for those of you who may not know, is the style and appearance of printed matter.

Typography is very often an undervalued form of art, which is surprising since typefaces hold a lot of power. Just like with a drawing, painting, or poem, typefaces can make you think or feel a certain way and can completely alter the meaning or emotion of a word.

As the end of August rapidly approaches (sigh!), one typeface in particular that has captured our attention is the one that was hand-drawn by Arne Jacobsen, the world-renowned Danish architect, in 1937. Jacobsen is best known in association with design Functionalism, which focuses on the style, function, and utility of a design. And as we prepare for September when our schedules seem mysteriously and inevitably amplified with work, school, college, university, and various other commitments; style, function, and utility are at the forefront of our organizational needs.

Fortunately for us a Danish company called Design Letters has designed a series of home accessories using Arne Jacobsen’s famous typeface to get us (and keep us) organized. Design Letters has everything from notebooks to coloured pencils that are sleek, stylish, and functional and will inspire even the most scatterbrained person (and we all know one!) to declutter and get organized for fall.

So what’s our type? Stylish yet functional. In short, all things Design Letters. But like all art forms the appeal of a particular typeface is completely subject, so tell us what inspires you … What’s your type?

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